Money Saving Tips

Friday, 14 January 2011

Money saving tips for grocery shopping

How not to buy more stuff than you need.

Ok so it is grocery shopping time, and you are on a budget and need to keep a tight reign on what you are spending. You also know that you nearly always buy more than you need from the grocery store, no matter how good your intentions are. There are good reason why you buy more than you need.

The supermarkets and grocery stores have spent decades researching the psychology of grocery shopping and it is now a perfected science. When you go grocery shopping it is a sensory experience for most people, with all the different colours and smells and the stores are laid out specifically to utilise these to entice you to spend more than you need to.

For example the meat and diary products (items that just about everyone needs) are always at the back of the store, so that to get too them you have go down the other aisles and the chances are that something will catch your eye and you will end up buying it.

The colourful stuff is generally near the entrance making the store feel welcoming and drawing you in again you will probably look at something here that you do not need but chances are you will buy something. Also as you move along the aisles the branded products are at your eye level whilst the cheaper store brand ed products are on the lower shelves.

Hopefully this post has given you a little bit of knowledge of how consumer grocery marketing works, and armed with this knowledge you will be able to avoid buying more than you need or better still not buying stuff you don’t want at all. Two tricks to help with this make a list before you get to the store and then stick to it.


  1. A very helpful and informative post on how the grocery shops market thier goods once you are inside the shop.

  2. Another way to save on your grocery shopping is to grow you rown vegetables